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I'm always working on something new, and here is a collection of my favorite side projects.

  • CategoryAPI is a powerful lead categorization solution that enables businesses to categorize leads across 5,500 categories, in any language. This tool can be accessed via API or through its dashboard, allowing businesses to automate and personalize their lead generation efforts at scale.

  • You invest on real estate portals to generate qualified leads, but they don’t work together. We help you automate your leads so you can focus on closing more deals. Over 250 real estate agencies automate their business with Portal Monitor!

  • The leading real estate community in the world. We help you find your next opportunity as an agent or reach new talent to join your agency or organization.

  • Moon

    2018 is an influencer marketplace connecting brands and creators reaching over 400 million people—on a mission to make the influencer marketing industry more transparent and accessible.

  • is a SaaS platform to unlock the power of Twitter for companies. We use machine learning to identify people that are most likely to interact with brands.

  • AboutYou is a platform allowing anyone to register their own .com domain name and personalize their professional page in just a few minutes using a WYSIWYG editor.

  • Articly is the first subscription service for SEO articles and content marketing delivered on a weekly basis, with clients ranging from small startups to large corporations such as the Ovation Travel Group. Articly Ltd. was sold to in March 2016.